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GlassProtech™ Serious About Surface Protection

GlassProtech™ is serious about surface protection.

We operate across Australia and New Zealand bringing together a wealth of experience in surface protection. Our primary aim is to address and negate the dangers to people, assets and the environment using state of the art window film solutions.

The GlassProtech™ range of window films includes anti-graffiti films that protects glass from glass scratch graffiti and acid etching, security films that provide added protection against theft and injury and cutting edge energy saving films using the latest nano technology. Our huge range of Decorative films offer designers imaginative ways of creating fabulous spaces.

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GlassProtech™ Innovative Range of Laminates and Window Films Can:

Protect Glass
GlassProtech products protect glass and other surfaces from deliberate and accidental damage.

Enhance Safety
Enhance the safety and security of existing glass in and around buildings.

Protect Surfaces
Protect surfaces such as marble, stainless steel, polycarbonates and plastics.

Protect Rail and Bus
Provide innovative solutions for the protection of public transport assets such as rail carriages and buses with both clear and printed film options.

Protect Construction and Forestry
Provide protective high impact films to ensure the safety of operators of construction and forestry machinery.

Provide Tint Solutions
Provide Tint solutions for Commercial and Residential buildings.

Provide High Impact Solutions
Provide high impact film solutions to enhance public safety.

Provide Decorative and Design Surfaces
Provide imaginative and creative decorative surfaces including warning and directional information in public areas.

Reduce Graffiti Damage
Reduce the visual impact of existing etching and scratch graffiti.

Internal Glass Partitions
Provide decorative films for internal glass panels and partitions.

Solar and Heat Control
Provide Solar and Heat control solutions for internal environments.

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GlassProtech™ Is Approved Qualified and Acknowledged

A member of the WFAANZ (Window Film Association of Australia and New Zealand)

Qualified CPTED (Crime Prevention through Environmental Design) Practitioners
Qualified Master Tinters.

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