Project Description

AB Equipment Forestry

Polycarbonate Protection


Forestry machines marguard and polycarbonate windows are prone to heavy scratching while operating in the bush.

This results in obstructed operator vision, which can cause severe safety hazards for the operating team.


GlassProtech was approached to provide a cost-effective solution to reduce the replacement cost of polycarbonate windows by applying their protective window film to forestry machine windows. A high specification GlassProtech protective coating was applied to all exterior windows on site as new, and replaced when needed.


As part of the ongoing maintenance services, GlassProtech initially applied a protective film on the screens when new. When the polycarbonate windows get scratched/damaged the film is pulled off and replaced giving the windows a new appearance. The maintenance is done as a mobile service during visits to the contractors’ site.


GlassProtech has a longstanding relationship with AB Equipment, helping the forestry business to reduce the costs of polycarbonate replacement as well as improve the safety of forestry machines.

Protecting the marguard and polycarbonate windows from new-built, GlassProtech then provides an ongoing mobile service to replace any damaged protective film on site at the contractor’s forestry working site.

This provides a cost efficient solution to maintaining the fleet in good working order. By protecting the marguard and polycarbonate screens, operator vision and therefore safety is greatly improved. Added benefits are that the polycarbonate protective film can be replaced at a cost far lower than replacing the polycarbonate itself and as the machines do not need to be pulled out of service for the maintenance, costs of business disruption are minimised.

GlassProtech recommends applying the polycarbonate protective window film on forestry machines from a new status (while in the yard). By doing this, the lifetime cost of replacement of the polycarbonate window is significantly reduced. Contact our specialist team to discuss the requirements for your machinery protection.