Project Description

Asteron Tower, Wellington

Glass Etch Hide and Protection


Soon after completion of the building it became a target for vandals etching the vast expanses of unprotected street level glazing. The glass replacement cost was very high.


Glassprotech was approached to provide a solution to recover the existing etching and to prevent further ongoing damage. Samples were applied to damaged areas to gauge the level of recovery afforded by Glassprotech etch hide film.


The samples confirmed that GlassProtech Etch Hide film could visually reduce damage on the glass so that it was barely noticeable, so the product applied on all damaged surfaces.  Graffiti Protection film was applied to all non-damaged glass panels. As a result, the heavily damaged façade was returned to its former glory without the need for replacement.


The Warren and Mahoney designed Asteron Centre on No1 Featherston Street is Wellingtons largest single office building, with space over 12 levels, retail units and a spacious lobby at the ground floor. The building has expansive areas of glass façade at ground floor. Its location on the corner of Bunny and Featherston Street, opposite the Wellington Railway Station means it has extremely high levels of pedestrian traffic. This increases the potential for wilful damage attacks to occur. Replacement of the floor to ceiling glass panels to remove etch damage would be a very expensive and labour intensive exercise.

Glassprotech provided a cost effective solution to visually hide the existing damage and protect from future damage. Ongoing vandalism is now quickly removed by replacing sections of film as damage occurs. This is cost effective, non obtrusive and keeps one of Wellingtons premier office and retail facilities looking great all year round.