Project Description

Auckland Rail Network

Touch Screen Protection

GlassProtech New Zealand, window film glass protection, surface protection, scratch removal, anti-graffiti, anti-break and scratch repair.


Auckland Transport was dealing with a costly problem with glass scratch vandalism, as the screens of the Vending & Reload Devices (ticket machines), were getting so badly etched that it was difficult to read the ticket purchase instructions.


We sourced and installed a cost-effective, extremely tough product that would protect the glass surface of the screen from scratch damage, whilst not impeding the operation of the touch screen. The product had to be easy to apply and replace during maintenance.


The application of protective film to the screens resulted in tidy, functioning ticket machines, that are quick and easy to replace, should they get damaged again. The cost saving was 70%, compared to previously implemented glass replacements.


Auckland Transport had a problem with glass scratch graffiti or etching vandalism at its rail stations. Many surfaces were being targeted by vandals, including the glass screens of the Vending & Reload Devices (ticket machines). The screens were getting so badly etched that it was difficult to read the ticket purchase instructions at which point the glass screens were replaced at great cost.

When the screens did get replaced, along with the service company replacing the expensive screen, security guards had also to be on-site to gain access to the inside of the machine and to safeguard the cash in the machine whilst it was being worked on. Time-consuming, inconvenient and expensive.

With a wealth of experience in surface protection solution across NZ and Australia, and after thorough testing, a high grade 100-micron exterior optically pure film that was compatible with touch screen technology was applied to all the ticket machines screens on the Auckland Public Transport network.

This screen protection solution also has a far lower carbon footprint, both through the lower carbon emissions produced during for the manufacture of the protective film compared to the glass screen and through the ongoing maintenance. Only one vehicle is required onsite for film replacement compared with two (with security guards) required for glass screen replacement.

The film has two immediate benefits. It adds strength to the glass, reducing the risk of deliberate or accidental breakage, and it also blocks 99% of UV which can fade the LED components that make up the touch screen capabilities. This solution works on all current touch screen technologies such as EFTPOS terminals, ticket kiosks, etc.

*This job was completed by the company GlassMasters Ltd., which has since been merged with GlassProtech Auckland.