Project Description

Bespoke – Tailored Curtains

UV Film to Reduce Fading


Large window displays are great for attracting shopper’s attention, but when west-facing they are subject to the full force of the suns damaging UV rays all year round.


The application of a 4mil (100 micron) exterior clear film selected by GlassProtech provided 99% UV reductions to help control fading of displays and furnishings. In an area subject to etch tagging and graffiti, the film also provided an added layer of protection for the street frontage windows.


The result was an optically clear solution that provided the desired protection from harmful UV rays. Full vision was maintained as the film is optically clear and has the same VLT as the glass it protects. The application of the film also acted as an easily replaceable sacrificial anti graffiti coating protecting the glass against future vandalism.


The creation of light, airy interior spaces and enticing window displays is key to retail success. Although incorporating large expanses of glazing at street level comes with its own unique set of challenges.

Reduced security, high interior UV levels, and risk of etch damage by vandals all add to this risk. By selecting a high end 100 micron safety and security film with a 99% UV rating, GlassProtech were able to provide an optically clear cost effective solution to these three main concerns with one cost effective retrofit product. With a break strength of 112lb/inch, an added benefit was upgrading the rating of the existing glazing to AS/NZS:2208 – Safety Glass in Buildings. The reduced interior UV levels help reduce fading and sun damage, while maintaining full visibility for potential customers.