Project Description

Bulk Carrier Ship

Safety & Security


A recent safety audit had identified weaknesses in the bulk carrier ship safety and stated that it was not fully prepared for incidences of intruders, severe storms or accidents. The bridge windows were identified as weak points and could potentially shatter, leading to dangerous situations for crew.


GlassProtech applied a high spec protective window film, specifically designed for high security glass, to both the interior and exterior windows on the bridge windows.  The film was bonded securely to glass with an adhesive designed to absorb impact and resist shattering.


Once completed, the security weaknesses of the ship had been addressed. The security film provided now added protection against intruders, severe storms, and accidents and ensured that if the windows were to be shattered, the glass would still hold the shards of glass together.


GlassProtech was contacted to provide further security to a bulk carrier ship, which had undergone a shipping safety audit. The glass windows on the ship already had bullet proof glass installed, however the company required additional security to mitigate the risks of being attacked by intruders, severe storms and accidents.

After assessing the information received from the security personnel, we were able to develop a custom proposal to address the issues at hand. Our solution was to apply high spec security film with a specialist bonding to the bridge glass, and improve the glass security. The GlassProtech team was able to complete the job in the timeframe required, allowing for the ship to depart port as scheduled.