Project Description

Double Decker Buses

Branding and Livery


With a delayed delivery of 40+ double decker ADL buses arriving into the country in 2018, they had to be quickly finished and detailed to allow prompt delivery to the customer. Each bus for Auckland Transport needed branding, 80 vinyl labels and glass protection applied in a very tight time frame.


GlassProtech was contracted to apply protective anti-graffiti film to the interior of the windows as well as branding and sticker application on a part of the fleet.


To manage the tight timeframe, GlassProtech brought its’ nationwide team together on this highly deadline driven project. The buses were all completed in a matter of days, allowing them to be delivered to the waiting customers without further delay.


The global bus manufacturer Alexander Dennis won a large tender to supply over 100 double decker ADL buses for the NZ market in 2018. These arrived by ship almost fully completed in batches of 20-40 at a time with one shipment experiencing unexpected shipping delays.

Once landed, the buses needed final electronic fit out, vehicle compliance testing as well as branding and liver and vinyl stickers to be applied as per customer specification.

This all has to happen as quickly as possible in order to get the buses to the customer and onto the bus network.

GlassProtech was contracted to apply anti-graffiti film onto all internal windows to protect from possible scratch vandalism as well as to take over application of signage, livery and branding on some of the buses.

By bringing in its’ team members across the North Island, GlassProtech was able to complete and handover this job within days, allowing for a speedy delivery to the customer.