Project Description

Les Mills

Steel Surface Protection


As part of the design for the cutting edge Les Mills gym redevelopment in Victoria St, Auckland, a highly polished bronze steel coloured cladding system was used. This stunning material had the potential risk of getting easily scratched, which would be difficult and expensive to repair.


To protect the surface for scratch damage, GlassProtech’s applied a highly durable, optically pure film to create an invisible barrier between the surface and gym visitors.  The panels were now near impossible to scratch through to, protecting the polished bronze sheets from accidental damage.


GlassProtech protective film was applied to all the bronze polished stainless panels that run around the entire exterior of the worlds’ biggest immersive cycle studio. This resulted in making cleaning and maintenance of the surface easier, whilst protecting them from expensive damage.


The state-of-the-art redevelopment in 2018 of the Les Mill fitness facilities in Victoria Street, Auckland, boasts the worlds’ biggest immersive cycle studio.  The internal wall cladding covering the studio, was a 3-metre high, highly polished reflective bronze steel. While being visually hugely impactful, the surface was easily marked with finger prints and could be scratched through cleaning or when visitors walked past with gym bag zips etc.

GlassProtech was approached by the architects to offer a protective solution to the steel panels whilst not altering the visual outcome. We recommended a highly durable, optically pure PET film that uses a clean peel technology, meaning that even after years of adhesion to the substrate, the film will leave little or no residue making when removed. This would ensure a quick and easy replacement should that be required in the future. This film is almost impossible to scratch through and it has a special coating that makes for easy cleaning.

After testing the film applied to the substrate, the product was specified by the architects and GlassProtech applied the film to all the bronze reflective panels.