Project Description

Merchant Quarter Apartments

Solar Control

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The lift lobbies on each of the 10 floors of this residential building are North facing and have floor-to-ceiling glazing. On sunny days, this was leading to excessive heat build-up, which the residents had complained to the Body Corporate about.


GlassProtech was approached to provide a solution to manage this excessive heat build-up. After consultation with the client, GlassProtech recommended a trial and heat impact data analysis, which led to Solar Control film being applied to the lift lobbies.


The result of the initial trial and the job completion showed a significant reduction of 9 degrees in temperature on hot days, in the lobbies that had had the Solar Control film applied to the glazing. The feedback from residents was very positive.


The architecturally designed Merchant Quarter Apartments in Auckland’s New Lynn form part of new high-amenity, mixed use development.

The 10-story apartment building, with their distinctive balcony construct are part of the growing vibrancy of higher density living in this area. The north facing lift lobbies are located in the middle of the building, between the left and right-side yellow balconies. These lift lobbies were becoming real heat traps on hot summer days. This excessive heat was becoming unbearable for some residents, especially the elderly, and discussions were being held with the building management to look for solutions to this problem.

One of GlassProtech specialist areas is Solar Control. After consulting with building management over the problems they had, temperature readings were taken on each floor on different days to get a good understanding on what extremes were being recorded. With temperatures recorded being at their highest +29 Celsius, something needed to happen.

The client brief was for something cost effective, one that would produce minimal disruption on installation, have minimal ongoing maintenance requirements and ideally not contribute to the buildings carbon emissions, such as increasing the need for air conditioning.

GlassProtech has access to the very best commercial Solar Control film available and recommended a high spec, specialist solar control film, which reflects 56% of total solar heat. This was applied first to level 8 to give real life performance values, and with the impressive results showing a 9 C reduction in lift lobby temperature between level 8 and 9, this solution was rolled out across all floors.