Project Description

New-built Fire Station

Temporary Surface Protection


During construction, newly installed substrates are vulnerable to damage from a wide number of sources including grinder sparks, weld spatter, concrete splashes, abrasion and environmental factors.


GlassProtech supplied and applied a roll on Temporary Surface Protection (TSP) including tapped joints. This was overlaid by the construction company with Core flute as an added protection barrier against impact.


The result was a quick cost effective solution that achieved the desired temporary protection during the construction phase. This greatly reduced the likelihood of expensive cladding replacement.


Working closely with construction managers allowed GlassProtech to come up with a unique, site specific solution to the problem. Panel joints were taped to ensure clean removal and to avoid wet seam leakage.

The roll on TSP provided an economical short term (up to 6 months) abrasion barrier between the newly installed cladding and the temporary impact resistance sheeting. The protection was applied in stages as areas of cladding were installed to provide maximum protection and risk reduction. On completion of the project the TSP can be easily removed and disposed of leaving an undamaged cladding ready for its new occupants.

The roll on TSP uses a Teflon Acrylic base as opposed to a latex acrylic base used by competitors. Latex is an adhesion promoter that provides flexibility while Teflon is designed specifically to stop things sticking to it. Other products utilize adhesion to a surface where the product selected stays in place by “Surface Tension” as opposed to adhesion, allowing for clean removal with minimal residue.

Extensive testing has been carried out locally by companies such as Azko Nobel (Interpon) and Dulux Powder-coatings to ensure compatibility with their surfaces finishes.