Project Description

Hurricane Safety Film

Hurricane Protection


The UK Home Office requires glazing on all British High Com properties around the world to comply with CPNI EBP 09/13 tested to European norm EN12600 1B1. Many of the properties in the British High Com portfolio around the Pacific did not have glazing to meet the above standards.


GlassProtech was approached to roll out a 3M Security Film solution to the glazing of all external windows at the eight High Commission Residences  and High Commission Offices in Western Samoa, Tonga and Vanuatu.


We organised a site visit to measure and provide a specification and accurate quote for the materials and labour to apply the film to these premises. GlassProtech installers travelled to each site, within each country, with all tools and equipment required and each job was completed on time and within budget.


With our wealth of experience in the Pacific Islands, we were approached by Admark and Fletcher Pacific to provide a quote to apply 3M S800 Ultra Safety and Security film to all windows at premises under the control of The British High Commission in Tonga, Western Samoa and Vanuatu.

The project was undertaken to ensure all external glazing at these sites would meet CPNI EBP 09/13 tested to Europeannorm EN12600 1B1 to protect inhabitants from external blast or impact. In the Pacific an obvious risk is from Hurricane force winds bringing with them the risk of lethal flying debris.

GlassProtech undertook eight site visits in the three countries to ascertain current glazing specification, measure all glazing at the sites, recommend the correct product for each circumstance, provide BoQ and time required to roll out this solution.

Back in NZ, the film was cut to  appropriate size and  labelled for individual windows at each site. Tools and equipment plus film was airfreighted to each for the three countries to await the GlassProtech installation team arrival. All sites were completed on time and within budget.