Project Description

Papakura High School

Solar Control

GlassProtech New Zealand, window film glass protection, surface protection, scratch removal, anti-graffiti, anti-break and scratch repair.


Teachers and pupils were having great difficulty in viewing computer screens and projectors in the classroom on sunny days. The ambient light levels in the rooms were too high and the curtains and blinds did not block out enough light.


GlassProtech was approached to provide a cost-effective solution to control the light levels in the classroom, minimising screen glare. GlassProtech recommended applying solar control film on all the glazing where glare was a problem.


The result of the trial showed a significant decrease in ambient light levels, with extremely positive feedback from the teachers and students alike. The solution also minimised the need for ongoing maintenance.


Papakura High School (PHS), like many schools in New Zealand, is of an older design and build, with multiple blocks spread around the campus. When this school opened in the 1950’s, the teaching environment was very different to today’s needs. The ever-increasing use of digital screens in education facilities requires classrooms to be able to adapt to having lower light levels.

At Papakura High School, many big windows at various heights and orientation meant that at times light levels were too high for reading screens properly and sometimes, it was in fact impossible.

Curtains had been the obvious method for keeping the light out, but as the high cost of replacement and ongoing maintenance, with wear and tear and cleaning, as well as being a fire hazard, the school was looking for other options.

GlassProtech conducted a trial using a dark solar control film on two classrooms to gauge feedback from both students and teachers. The results were overwhelmingly positive as the screens could be read much easier, leading to greater student focus. Teachers also appreciated not having to pull the numerous curtains and blinds back and forth.

An added and unforeseen benefit was the privacy the film gave to the classrooms. It made it difficult for students walking past to disturb others in class, as they couldn’t see in.