Project Description

Pataka Museum

UV Reduction


Large glazed areas create an inviting, welcoming natural light filled space. The downside of this is increased interior UV levels and risk to precious artefacts and displays.


The application of a specialist exterior film selected by GlassProtech, offered 99% UV reduction. Applied to the exterior it also offered increased safety and security as well as protection to large expanses of ground level glazing prone to etch vandalism.


The result was an unobtrusive, cost effective retro fit solution that achieved the desired UV reduction, with the added benefit of increased safety and protection from vandals.


The creation of light, airy interior spaces by incorporating large expanses of glazing at street level comes with its own unique set of challenges.

Reduced security, high interior UV levels, and risk of etch damage by vandals all add to this risk.

Buy recommending a high end safety and security film with 99% UV protection, GlassProtech were able to provide an optically clear and cost effective solution to three main concerns with one retrofit product. With a very high break strength, an added benefit was upgrading the rating of the existing glazing to AS/NZS:2208 – Safety Glass in Buildings. The reduced interior UV levels help reduce fading and sun damage, while maintaining full visibility with no increased reflections from the interior or exterior.