Project Description

Primary School

Visual Security Improvement


If a prisoner was to escape from a nearby prison complex, a school may be very close to the exit route most likely to be taken. The school was concerned that a hostage situation could arise as a result of an escaped prisoner taking refuge in their grounds.


GlassProtech recommended and installed a highly reflective film to all external windows to provide visual security of occupants, while retaining an unobstructed view to the outside. We also applied highly reflective film to the external windows of the identified “Safe Rooms”.


The silver security film provided an optimum reflection with external reflectance levels of 61% and stopped anyone from seeing in, but occupants could still see out. This level of visual security achieved what was expected by the school.


In a hostage, terrorist or aggravated attack situation, the ability to put a physical barrier between yourselves and an attacker is a primary means of defence. Unfortunately 200mm thick concrete walls with no windows does not create an open and inviting learning environment. Natural light, the ability to connect with the outside world and awareness of exterior environment all play a crucial part.

By applying a highly reflective film as a retro fit solution to large expanses of existing glazing, the view to the exterior can be maintained, while providing a visual barrier from the outside to increase security.

If required the highly reflective film can be combined with a full Safety and Security film to provide added protection.

Additional benefits of the film application are 99% UV reduction, reduced glare, and high levels of total solar energy rejection, up to 80% in some instances.