Project Description

Public Services Offices

Security Improvements

GlassProtech New Zealand, window film glass protection, surface protection, scratch removal, anti-graffiti, anti-break and scratch repair.


With an increasing focus on staff safety, a New Zealand government department wanted to strengthen the public/private interface between staff and clients, whilst maintaining its’ glass surfaces to create an open and light service area.


GlassProtech expertise in security film application meant that we could recommend the appropriate solutions to minimize risk for staff.  The recommended solution was to apply a high-grade security film on both sides of all glazing, and manifestation film for improved privacy and ambiance.


Staff safety was improved through an added layer of protection, in the form of high impact security film, bonded to the frame. Additionally, the result of the manifestation film made staff felt more safe by adding privacy.


In part as a response to recent attacks on staff in New Zealand by disgruntled clients, there has been a greater focus on mitigating the risk faced by staff in public fronting positions in both the private and public sector.

GlassProtech was approached to provide a solution to help protect staff by strengthening the glazing in public access areas, should a violent attack happen.

Our solution encompassed using a high-grade security/safety film that is used extensively by embassies worldwide for bomb blast mitigation. This high impact film was applied to both sides of all glazing in publicly accessible areas and a wet anchoring system using structural silicon was then applied overlapping the film edge and the glazing frames, to bond the film to the frames. The result is an extremely tough, invisible barrier.

Our in-house testing proved that this solution was a very effective way to create a tougher barrier and to improve the security of the glass.