Project Description

Public Swimming Pool

Privacy and Glare Reduction


The customers of the swimming pool were complaining of the “fish bowl” effect and the resulting lack of privacy caused by the large ground level windows facing the car park.

Lifeguards were also having trouble seeing due to extremely high levels of glare off the water caused by low sun angles.


GlassProtech was approached to solve the glare and privacy issue, and used their expertise to source a specialty product that could be applied on the exterior side of the glass, away from the harsh chemical environment of the swimming pool. Varying glass types used in the construction also required careful selection of a film that could accommodate all glass types.


GlassProtech solved the issue by sourcing and installing a specialty exterior film to the high-performance glazing.

This resulted in reduced glare and increased privacy, making the customer experience more pleasant.


The application of daytime privacy film can have great benefits when it comes to improving the interior environments for building users. Daytime privacy film allows for unobstructed vision out, with added benefits of reduced glare and reduction in excessive solar gain. Appropriately selected window films can further improve the interior environment of commercial and recreational spaces alike, all whilst offering great fade reduction for fixtures and furnishings, and offering significant gains in energy efficiency.

Unlike old school silver reflective films, modern daytime privacy films offer neutral reflections, less exterior glare, and improved performance. GlassProtech offers a wide range of privacy films to fill the requirements for either interior or exterior application.

Modern high-efficient glazing or older laminate glazing can cause restrictions on some film application, as can harsh interior environments like swimming pools, but new film technology and exterior options means that glazing previously not suitable for film application can now benefit from these innovative new solutions.

Film selection in these applications is critical and the team at GlassProtech can provide expertise advice to make the right film choice and carry out the application.