Project Description

Residential Daytime Privacy

Privacy and Modesty


Often dwellings incorporate large expanses of clear glazing to provide views and natural light. This can create issues with daytime privacy. GlassProtech offer multiple solutions to give full daytime privacy, awareness of external environment and increased Street appeal.


The application of an appropriate film with neutral reflections provides excellent day time privacy giving the homeowner unobstructed views out with full daytime privacy.


The application of GlassProtech selected films gives full daytime privacy, while maintaining  views, natural light transmission, and reduced UV levels to help control facing of fixtures and furnishings, all whilst increasing street appeal. This can mean removal of unsightly net curtains.


All too often homeowners have resorted to net curtains and blinds to maintain privacy during the day. One major drawback of this is that vision to the exterior is severely compromised, causing rooms to feel closed in and confined.

By removing these obstructions and retrofitting a daytime privacy film, full vision and views can be maintained whilst still maintaining full privacy.

Added benefits are 99% UV protection for reduced fading, reduced glare and eyestrain (similar to wearing good quality Polaroid sun glasses) and control of excessive solar gain in summer.

Neutral reflections enhance your homes appeal, without the harshness or external glare caused by old school silver type reflective films. Options are available for both single and doduble glazing, in a wide range of light transmissions with differing internal and external reflectance levels to suit your needs.

A GlassProtech film installer can guide you in the right direction to make and educated film choice.