Project Description

Residential House Entrance

Privacy and Modesty / Street Appeal


Often front entrances incorporate clear glazed doors and sidelights to provide natural light.

This can create issues with privacy and safety especially at night time, when passers-by can view into the building.


The application of an opaque frosting film provides both day and night time privacy.

The addition of a vision panel allows occupants to see out, but restricts vision into the dwelling from the street and creates a unique identifier increasing street appeal.


The application of GlassProtech selected films gives increased privacy, both day and night time, great natural light transmission, increased safety through awareness of external environment and reduced UV levels to help control facing of fixtures and furnishings, all whilst increasing street appeal.


By utilising a frosted film as an economical retrofit solution in light critical areas such as front entrances, nearly 100% of daylight transmission can be retained. This can mean light loss levels of less than 2% compared to plain glass in some instances.

Whilst great in many areas, typical daytime “one way” privacy films can lose as much as 60% making them a less than ideal choice for light sensitive areas. They are also ineffective at night requiring blinds or curtains to maintain privacy which are often not suitable around doors and entrances.

In multi unit apartments or housing complexes, the vision pane approach can also act as an address identifier with a consistent approach. Especially helpful for visitors or emergency services trying to find specific addresses.