Project Description

Retail Block

Vandalism Etch Hide


The majority of frontage windows in Main Street were unprotected from vandals. Large expanses of glass were attacked and etch tagged leaving the shopping precinct looking less than inviting.


A 4mil (100 micron) exterior “etch hide” film selected by GlassProtech was applied to recover the etched panes without the need for costly or disruptive replacement. The few undamaged panes were filmed with a protective clear anti-graffiti film to prevent further damage.


The result was an optically clear solution that recovered the glass etching, restoring the appearance of the shopping precinct in a matter of days. The application of the etch hide film also acted as an easily replaceable sacrificial anti graffiti coating protecting the glass against future vandalism.


It’s astonishing the level of wilful damage a single vandal can inflict in a single night. Caught on camera, arrested and convicted, but this gave little comfort to shop owners and property investors. The damage was already done and the likelihood of compensation was nil.

All too often the glass replacement argument between landlord and tenant arises when shop front glazing is damaged, but not broken. In most cases the frontages are left tagged and etched as the window is still intact. On top of glazing costs, the retailer also has to foot the bill for shop front signage as well if the window is replaced.

With the application of an Etch Hide film the cost of glass replacement, signage replacement and disruption to the retail outlet can all be eliminated. In the same recovery operation, the shop front glazing is also now protected from future damage. Glass polishing is an alternative, but expensive, noisy, disruptive and the glass is still left unprotected upon completion awaiting the next vandal.

Another added benefit of the film application is the upgrade of the glazing. In cases where a full Safety and Security film is installed, the security of the shop front is greatly increased.

GlassProtech film has proven itself many times in the field resisting break in from thieves and vandals.