Project Description

Retirement Village

Frosting Film for Privacy


The rest home was growing and as a result, some rooms had to be repurposed. This meant that certain rooms had to be refitted for modesty and privacy, giving the occupants an increased sense of safety and privacy.


Glassprotech was called to provide a solution for the facilities manager. Frosting film was applied to the vision panels of the doors to give privacy to the occupant of the room. The flexible solution allows for the film to be removed at a later stage if the occupant or use of the room changes again.


Complete day and night privacy was achieved with the frosting film.


This modern retirement village was the home of a vast range of occupants, with different needs and wants. The home was growing and use of the rooms had to be changed to fit the new requirements.  In order to achieve security and peace of mind for some of the occupants, GlassProtech applied frosting film to vision panels on both communal and private spaces.

The flexible solution provided by GlassProtech allowed management to cost efficiently repurpose the rooms, and if any changes were to take place in the future, the window film would be easily removed and reapplied.

GlassProtech can apply frosting film to vision panels to achieve privacy for both the occupants inside the room as well as outside occupants.