Project Description

TransDiesel – Volvo Forestry

Polycarbonate Protection

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For operator safety, forestry machine cabs are often fitted with tough Polycarbonate type windows and screens. Although tough to break, these materials can scratch easily, leaving dangerously reduced visibility through the windows.


GlassProtech provided a cost-effective solution to reduce the replacement cost of the polycarbonate windows by applying a high specification protective window film on all exterior windows.


All exterior polycarbonate windows of the brand new cabins were protected prior to handing them over to the customers. The result was improved safety, reduced maintenance and replacement costs as well as stronger relationship between Volvo and their forestry customers.


TransDiesel sells purpose-built Volvo forestry specification cabins to its’ customers and has worked with GlassProtech to help with the protection of the polycarbonate screens. These have valuable safety qualities but are prone to scratching causing severe reduction in vision for the operator, which means that the polycarbonate window must be replaced every 6-12 months, at great expense.

A high specification GlassProtech protective coating was applied to all exterior windows prior to handing them over to the customer.

GlassProtech works extensively with forestry contractors to reduce the need for polycarbonate replacement by applying GlassProtech surface protection film. This improves safety, extends the life of the polycarbonate, and can be replaced at a cost far lower than replacing the polycarbonate itself.

When the polycarbonate windows are scratched/damaged the film can be pulled off and replaced, giving the windows a brand new appearance, allowing a clearer view for the operator of the machine.