Project Description

Vandalised High School

Etch Protection


This large high school had a very large and costly continuous problem with students scratch tagging hundreds of glass panes in and around the school. The solution had been to replace the glass with new panes at a cost of over $50,000 per year.


GlassProtech’s proposed solution was to trial an anti-graffiti film to firstly help cover up the existing scratch graffiti whilst protecting the glass from further damage. We selected a tough film with a clean peel adhesive, making it quick and easy to replace in the case of scratch tagging in the future.


Quick removal of graffiti is the best method of reducing the incidence of this sort of crime, so GlassProtech set about a rapid response program to remove any and all vandalised film. Over a period of 12 months, incidences of graffiti and the ongoing cost has reduced considerably.


GlassProtech was approached to provide a solution to a high school, that had for years had extremely high expenses in fixing vandalism damages. $10,000’s of thousands were being spent replacing etched and scratch vandalised glazing each year.

Keeping up a quick response to this vandalism by removing any new etching was critical to reducing this vandalism. We specified a film to cover the hundreds of glass panes that already had scratch graffiti and also protect all other panes. This resulted in instantly diminished visual impact of existing tags, but also protected the glass from further damage.

After years of keeping up a quick replacement program for scratch vandalised film, the cost of this form of vandalism to the school has now reduced to only a few thousand dollars a year, making for a much nicer environment for the teachers and students and reducing the cost to the NZ tax payer.