Project Description

War Memorial Library

Solar Film with Graphics


Two large west facing windows of the War Memorial Library suffered from excessive solar gain and low sun angles reaching far into the Library space especially during winter months, with the risk of UV damage to the contents.


The application of a 2mil (50 micron) interior solar film selected by GlassProtech provided 99% UV reduction and high levels of total solar energy rejection. Computer Cut graphics were also installed creating a feature out of an otherwise blank area.


The result was an eye pleasing optically clear solution that provided the desired protection from harmful UV rays, reduced glare to help control fading of books and provide a more controlled interior environment for library users.


Providing welcoming interior spaces with awareness of the exterior environment is easily achieved with large expanses of glass. Unfortunately, these areas can suffer form excessive levels of uncontrolled solar gain in summer, and low sun angles in winter can cause discomfort for building users due to excessive glare.

A cost effective solution compared to expensive glass replacement is the application of a high end solar film designed specifically to combat these issues. Total solar energy rejection levels of up to 80% are achievable with similar numbers for glare reductions.

By taking into account glass type, desired reflectance levels, acceptable VLT % (Visible light Transmission), light and the critical nature of the space, GlassProtech can provide a solution that fits your specific location. The addition of Computer Cut graphics can also turn a space into an interesting focal point. While the lettering stays constant, ever changing sun angles provide a different neutral reflection to the exterior as a back drop. Annual lighting festivals provide another unique opportunity to highlight the space, with changing colour palettes to add interest.