Project Description

Wellington Bus Shelters

Etch Hide and Protection

GlassProtech New Zealand, window film glass protection, surface protection, scratch removal, anti-graffiti, anti-break and scratch repair.


Vandals had etched unprotected glazing on busy inner city bus shelters and transport hubs near the iconic “Pigeon Park”. Both sides of the glazing were heavily etched with tags and expletives, detracting from the visibility for shelter users, making the user experience very unpleasant.


The application of a high spec exterior etch hide clear film selected by GlassProtech recovered the damage done by vandals without the need for expensive glass replacement. With the recovery filming applied outside of peak hours, commuter disruption was minimal.


The result was an optically clear solution that recovered the existing damage, making the shelters look like new again without the need for disruptive or diffuse patterns to hide the etching on the glass. The application of the film also acted as an easily replaceable sacrificial anti-graffiti coating protecting the glass against future vandalism.


Commuters utilising bus shelters and transport hubs need to feel safe and comfortable in their environment. For general safety, awareness of environment is critical and full height glazing allows for this, whilst providing protection from the elements. Unfortunately, large expanses of glazing are very attractive to vandals and etch tagging is prevalent throughout the district on public transport infrastructure.

Applying a clear anti-graffiti film is a great way of protecting new assets from this type of damage, but often older infrastructure was not afforded this protection at time of commission.

Unprotected glazing is often damaged, and in many cases, replacement is the only option, causing disruption and costing many tens of thousands of dollars. In some cases, budgets do not allow for replacement, so heavily etched shelters remain throughout the region.

Luckily there is a cost effective option to recover this etching. The application of an etch hide clear film can bring the shelters glass back to new again, and protecting it from future damage.

An added benefit is the structural protection offered by the film. With a break strength of 112lb/inch, and a full safety and security rating to AS/NZS:2208 – Safety Glass in Buildings, the applied film also helps retain the glazing in the event of glass breakage, saving cleanup time and creating a safer environment for commuters awaiting their transport.